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Outside In Construction is a family business that has been providing service for Laconia NH, Wolfeboro NH & the Lakes Region of New Hampshire for over 17 years, specializing in providing high quality craftsmanship in multiple areas of the construction field.  We have worked extensively on all types of projects, varying from residential to commercial, including the following areas; Custom Homes and Garages, Home Remodeling, Restorations, Framing, Insulating, Sheet rocking, Flooring, Stone work, Custom Millwork, Cabinetry, Roofing & more. Outside In Construction has a reputation throughout New Hampshire for providing quality work at reasonable prices, with professionalism and unparalleled reliability.  We guarantee to live up to our motto of  "We Do What We Say, When We Say It!".

Outside In is "lead safe certified" with the EPA, as a "Certified EPA Renovator" and are OSHA Certified.  As always, when working in areas of human occupancy, we ensure minimal transference of dust or building debris outside of the construction zone.

In addition, we value our attention to professionalism with all of our workers on site. Not only does every job have a crew Foreman, but we also provide Project Management oversight, as well as a direct line of communication with office, via phone, email, text, or fax.  We work hard to provide the best lines of communication possible between the work we are doing and our clients.

We truly hope that you’ll give Outside In Construction the opportunity to prove to you that we are setting a new standard in the building industry, and that we will do our best to make you happy.

Jesse R. Lindland, President: 

Jesse LindlandJesse has worked in the construction field since 2001, where he began working with his father, Greg, and learned the trade.  Being born with a natural inclination towards mechanics and being very tactile and "hands on" in his approach to life, he was able to Master the trade.  During those early years, Jesse also used his entrepreneurial instincts to create and run several businesses, including "UnrealWare", an IT geared company, and "Open Eye Video Productions". He also volunteered his time for video taping local town meetings, and providing lighting, sound, and videography for a local theater group.

In 2004, at 18, Jesse decided to enter the field of construction full time and take on a new career, and as a result, in 2007 joined his father, Greg Lindland, to create the LimitedPartnership of Outside In Construction, that exists today as Outside In Construction, Inc. Jesse has established himself as a well-respected and professional builder, and approaches the business with enthusiasm and character unparalleled in the industry.

Today, Jesse has taken position as the President of Outside In Construction and strives to grow in the building industry, taking a continued pride in providing clients with outstanding service, honesty and open communication for every job.

Jonathan Powell, Operations Manager:

Jonathan PowellJonathan worked extensively in landscaping maintenance before joining the Outside In family in 2005. Being his first foray into the building industry, he started as a laborer helping wherever he could. Due to his inquisitive nature and desire to be of more help, he asked many questions of Greg and Jesse. Under their watchful eye and patient instruction, Jonathan transformed from a basic workman into a budding carpenter.

In 2009 Greg and Jesse approached Jonathan and asked if he would be interested in running a lawn and property division of Outside In. He agreed and over the next two years helped Greg and Jesse grow the business by offering the company’s signature quality services at affordable prices.

In 2011 Jonathan decided he wanted to turn his full focus towards furthering his knowledge of building and construction. He trained a new member of the lawn and property division to take over his old responsibilities and returned to working construction sites full time.

At the start of 2014 Jesse approached Jonathan and expressed a need for help in the office. Jonathan agreed and took on his new responsibilities with diligence and enthusiasm. Since that time he has grown in his position and now participates in much of the day-to-day management of the company.

Matthew Roy, Project Manager:

Matthew RoyMatthew Roy joined Outside In Construction in 2015 and is currently serving as the Project Manager new construction custom division. Matthew acts as the liaison between the owners, architects,engineers and subcontractors throughout the construction process. He is a crucial part of the completion of the construction schedules with managing the 3 M's machine, materials and manpower.

Matthew's 30 years industry experience includes various types of construction projects from Custom residential homes across the lakes region to multiple light commercial, retail, medical, mixed use and multi family and condominiums.

Matthew's passion for the art of construction came in childhood. As he speaks of his 1 professional construction project at age 12 where he was hired by his neighbor to build a
tree fort.

What can he build for you?

Richard Fogg, Estimator:

Richard FoggThe newest member to join Outside In Construction is Rick Fogg, he is a local resident of Alton, N.H.

Rick brings to our team a variety of skills, as our lead estimator, he insures that materials arrive on time, in proper order, material accuracy and handles any returns in a timely manner. His experience working with skilled labor and his wide range of product knowledge assures accurate pricing and completion of projects on time.

Rick's extensive network of suppliers and technicians assure our projects are completed with skill and in budget. We are thrilled with his willingness to tackle any project, Residential or Commercial, with enthusiasm and skill. Rick has an artistic approach to project solving and meshes well with our companies long term goals.

Ricks hobbies include, drawing, building and playing with 4 granddaughters (ages 4-6). Rick's goals are to further his knowledge and use of the digital design drafting software, further utilization of green technologies in remodels fantastic experience from start to finish.

Heather Plourde, Office Manager:

Heather PlourdeAfter obtaining her Associate’s Degree at the Thompson School of Applied Science, Heather went on to manage a garden center for a family owned business in Rochester. Utilizing her degree in Ornamental Horticulture, she was able to help grow the garden center, as well as the landscape maintenance side of the company.

Heather later went on to work as a receptionist at a large car dealership before accepting a position as a claims analyst with another family owned company that specializes in Medicaid billing. She spent six years organizing and processing claims for thousands of clients, as well as implementing new procedures to improve the performance of the company.

In 2014, Heather and her husband, Joshua, welcomed their first child, Colton. He was born premature, which convinced Heather to become a stay at home mom for the first year. After a year her son was thriving, and not showing any signs of being born premature, so Heather decided it was time to get back to work. And that is how she found Outside In.

As the Office Manager, Heather has many tasks, from simply answering the phones to developing forms and procedures to increase efficiency throughout the company. Her future goals include connecting Outside In with our clients via blogs and social media, as well as taking on additional tasks to help management in any way she can.

In Heather’s free time, she enjoys getting outside with her family, and two chocolate labs. Whether it is hiking, swimming, playing on the farm, or even lawnmower racing, her family is always doing something outside to enjoy the beautiful NH landscape.

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